Monday, 8 October 2012

What is Banbha Fódla Éiriu?

    In Irish mythology, Banbha, Fódla & Éiriu are three sister Goddesses of the 'Tuatha de Dannan' whose names were given to the land of Ireland. Today Ireland is predominantly referred to as 'Éire' whereas the others are seldom used, unless as aesthetic or poetic terms.
    This Trinity, to me, is an excellent representation of 'Mind, Body and Soul' with regards to Irish, or Celtic, identity and beliefs.
     I hope to keep a regular blog discussing and sharing my findings with regards to where we find ourselves today:

A time where we collectively appear frustrated, depressed, spiritually bereft, materialistic, apathetic to the suffering of others and disconnected from the lives and values of our peers and ancestors.
A time of unforeseen technological and intellectual advances but of psychological and educational regression.
A time of unrelenting dominance of the Ego and left brain; resulting in the corruption of major systems such as economics, finance, government, healthcare and education.
An age which, through its complacency, apathy and distractions, allows these corrupted entities to be dominated by the psychopath, the faceless, the corporate; in which national, and personal, identity, sovereignty and consciousness are under threat as a result.
An age in which we are bombarded by substances, devices and dogma that are detrimental to our health, spirit and the continuity of our surrounding eco-systems.

    I will explore and share problems, solutions, criticisms, important texts and/or anything I may find, that might ease the burden of modern life with regards to your:

Mind (Banbha): Psychology, Psychopathy, Memory, Depression, Creativity, Music, Art etc.
Body (Fódla): Exercise, Nutrition, Toxins, Supplementation, Healing, Yoga, etc.
Soul (Éiriu): Spirituality, Consciousness, Respect, Consideration, Reality, Meditation, Religion, Philosophy and Natural Sciences, Environment etc.

    I believe that if we all explore these three aspects of ourselves, we begin to address the crises of our time and can take conscious and positive steps to tackling them.
    'We' are the state of the planet. For if every individual is to know and understand oneself, and the challenges to oneself, we may collectively know and understand each other, nature and the heavens.
    Hopefully this can become a two-way conversation eventually and you might share your thoughts or findings.
    Finally, why the Celtic theme? Being Irish, and having an interest in Celtic studies, mythology and mysticism, It was fitting that the trinity of the Goddesses of Ireland should be used to represent the three realms I wish to explore. Éiriu, the spiritual aspect, will have a particularly Celtic flavour for the most part. (To clarify my stance on this, I consider myself Christian with tendencies towards eastern spiritual practices, such as Yoga and meditation, but also enjoy reading and researching into world religions, the occult, freemasonry, druidry, mysticism and world shamanism.)
    This is only a theme and a personal interest; the main function however will be for a general uplifting of all men and women by means of nurturing and understanding the mind, body and soul, Banbha Fódla agus Éiriu.
     All future posts will be bi-lingual.

Séan Thomás Gallobhaí.

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