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Banbha: Explanatory Article

  • Banbha (BAN-VA), whose name means 'fallow land', is the Daughter of Ernmas (the mother Goddess of Ireland) and the wife of  Mac Cuil, a leader of the Tuatha de Dannan. 
  • She is a Goddess of the soil attributed to protection, sovereignty and leadership.
  • She was a skilled magician and was charged with the protection of the Island. 
  • She was the first woman to set foot on the Island of Ireland after the primordial flood and was first to meet the Milesian Celt invaders. 
  • The Tuatha de Dannan eventually succumbed to the Milesians but three seperate deals were struck with Amairgin so that the newly conquered land be named after the three daughters of Ermas (Banbha in Sleive Mis, Fódla in Sleive Felim & Éiriu in Slieve Uisneach) so that the Tuatha de Dannan might live on in name.   
  • Banbha was killed by Suirge at the battle of Tailtiu which marked the defeat of the Tuatha de Dannan.
Other Variations:
Banbha: Banba

In the image Banbha stands elegantly facing the illumination (white light) of the left. This is a representation of left brain intelligence. 
She is surrounded by earth and water. 
The Salmon, Hawk and hazel wood are Celtic symbols which represent wisdom and knowledge

  Protection, Leadership and Sovereignty over the mind, soil from which all things grow, must begin with the sharper mind, the prepared mind. 
Here Banbha will represent the mind itself; charged with the protection of your body and soul. 
In this blog I will be sharing links and articles relating to: 

  • Psychology: understanding who you are and how others manipulate you.
  • Psychopathy: realising who is or is not and understanding the consequences of interactions.
  • IQ and Neuroplasticity: brain-training, trivia, IQ boosting and critical thinking when confronted with information.
  • Memory: mneumonic devices, reading recall, Neurological disorders
  • Creativity: where does it come from? how can we be more creative?
  • Depression: Help, reference, understanding and an examination of causes
  • Music: Interest, Healing power, psychological power, expressiveness and enjoyment.
  • Art: Interest, Healing power, psychological power, expressiveness and enjoyment.  
          under the heading 'Banbha: followed by title'

     I believe that a basic understanding of these areas will benefit us greatly in our understanding of the world.

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