Sunday, 14 October 2012

What in the world!?

    I recently discovered that our current system of cartography completely distorts the size of countries.
When we look at the map and judge countries upon their size we are most likely wrong.
Here is the map we are all familiar with:

Here is the Gall-Peters map in which all countries are portrayed with appropriate size relations to each other:

Tá difríocht sontasach idir na dhá mapaí seo. Tá an leathsféar Thuaidh i bhfad níos mó den leathsféar Theas.  Amharc ar an difríocht is mó!:

Is Mapa iontach conspoide é mapa Gall-Peters, agus caithimid a bí ag smaoineadh ar an fath a cuirtear faoi chois é. Déan cíoradh ar an Aifric?! 

Could there be a political reason behind the suppression of this 'more accurate' map?
Or is This map indeed more accurate?

Comments welcome.

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