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Fódla: Explanitory Article

  • Fódla (FOE-LA), whose name means ‘Sod of Earth’, is the daughter of Ernmas (the mother Goddess of Ireland) and the wife of Mac Cecht, a leader of the Tuatha de Dannan

  • She is a Goddess of War attributed to protection, sovereignty and leadership.
  • She is a warrior charged with the protection of the Island.
  • She was reigning Queen at the time of the Milesian invasion.
  • The Tuatha de Dannan finally succumbed to the Milesians but three separate deals were struck with Amairgin so that the newly conquered lands would be named after the three daughters of Ernmas (Banbha at Slieve Mis, Fódla at Slieve Felim and Éiriu at Sleieve Uisneach) so that the Tuatha de Dannan might live on in name.
  • Fódla was killed by Eadán at the battle of Tailtiu which marked the defeat of the Tuatha de Dannan
Fódla, Fodhla, Fotla, Fothla, Fóla

In the image Fódla is in Celtic war regalia; holding a spear and with a resting shield. 
She is in a yogic pose and her base and body chackras are awakened.
The doves, bees and willow leaf in her left hand, are all celtic symbols of health
Here the illumination (white light) is central denoting use of the whole brain.

Protection, sovereignty and leadership in times of war require that your health fitness and strength be at optimal levels.
Here Fódla will represent your body, the protective house of the mind and soul.

In this blog I will be sharing links and articles related to:

  • Exercise: Effective and efficient ways of exercising to build muscle and lose weight.
  • Diet and Nutrition: Benefits and hazards of certain food types along-side healthy recipes and a breakdown of what foods affect what aspects of the body.
  • Supplementation: Breakdown of what certain supplements do and how they affect your body/ailments. Recommendations for certain conditions.
  • Toxins: A breakdown of the ubiquitous toxins that surround us on a daily basis and ways of counteracting/avoiding them.
  • Yoga and Meditation: A breakdown of how Yogic traditions can actually attune your body while simultaneously cleansing your mind and chackras. Bikram, Hatha and Kundalini yogas and various techniques of meditation.
  • Healing: Through foods, beverages, herbs, suppliments, chrystals, orgone energy, yoga and meditation we will explore alternate healing to see if there is any credence to their claims.
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